Ame Ame (Amefuri)

Lyrics – Transliteration

Ame ame fure fure kaasan ga
Janome de o-mukai ureshii na
Pitchi pitchi chappu chappu ran ran ran

Translation – Rain Rain

Rain, rain, fall fall – mom
Will meet me with an umbrella, it will be fun
These syllables imitate the sounds of rain.

Japanese – あめふり

あめあめ ふれふれ かあさんが
じゃのめで おむかえ うれしいな
ピッチピッチ チャップチャップ

English Singable Version

Raining, raining, how it’s raining
Rain a little more
Mother’s bringing my umbrella
It can rain and pour
Pitter, patter, pitter, patter
Drip, drop, drop

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