Wassail Bough


(English folk song)

1. Here we come a-wassailing, among the leaves of green;
Here we come a-wandering, so fairly to be seen.

Our jolly wassail, our jolly wassail,
Love and joy come to you and to our wassail bough;
Pray God bless you, and send you a happy New Year,
A New Year, a New Years
Pray God bless you, and send you a happy New Year.

2. We are not daily beggars, that beg from door to door;
We are the neighbours’ children, whom you have seen before. Refrain

3. I have a little purse, it is made of leather skin;
I want a little sixpence, to line it well within. Refrain

4. Bring us out the table, and spread it with the cloth;
Bring us out the bread and cheese, and a bit of your Christmas loaf. Refrain

5. God bless the master of this house, and the mistress too;
Also the little children, which round the table grew. Refrain

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