Kinder swijcht, so mooch di horen

Lyrics - Dutch & Latin

Traditional Dutch Carol, Translation by Rev. John O’Connor)

Kinder swijcht so mooch di horen
Ecce mundis gaudia
Hoe heer Jesus is gheboren
In te sunt solemnia
O virgo Maria
Dei plena gracia!

English Translation - Children say so beautiful

Dutch: Children say so beautiful
Latin: Behold the clean joys
Dutch: How Lord Jesus is born
Latin: You are the solemn celebration
O virgin Mary
Of god full of grace!
(Source of Dutch translation)
(Source of Latin translation)

Singable English Lyrics

1. Children sing a carol splendid
Ecce mundis gaudia
On this morning Christ descended
In te sunt solemnia
O virgo Maria
Dei plena gracia!

2. In the midnight to a maiden…
Gabriel with good news laden…

3. Came and gave her friendly greeting…
God’s especial business trusting…

4. Said His Son would be her baby…
Till, she said, how such things may be…

5. Then the angel spoke a wonder…
God would keep her maid and mother…

6. So she bore the Heavenly Stranger…
So she laid Him in a manger…

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