Tuntut Taiyut (Reindeer are Coming)


(Alutiiq folk song, Native Alaskan)

Tuntut taint. Alingnillkici.
Santa Claus-eq tainia’ artuq.
ting a-ling a-ling.

Akma kuluk’uunat kaugai.
Ing’igun-ruq taitaartuq.
Tamaagun-ruq taitaartuq.
ting a-ling a-ling.

English Translation – The Reindeer are Coming

The reindeer are coming. Don’t be afraid.
Santa Claus is coming soon.
ting a-ling a-ling.

In the distance he is ringing the bells
From the mountains he comes
From over there he comes.
ting a-ling a-ling.
(source – printable lyric sheet)

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