(English folk song)

Wallflowers, wallflowers, growing up so high,
May had the measles and never, never cried*.
Call to (student’s name)’s house, she has no relations,
She may tick and tack and turn her back and
Greet** the congregation.

Original lyrics

Singing Game

Formation: Students stand in a circle with one student in the middle, who is “It.”

Students hold hands and sing as they walk around the circle. On the word “cried,” they stop. “It” sings “Call to ______’s house” and sings the name of another student (Student #2). The rest of the students sing continue singing the song, substituting “she” or “he,” depending on who is Student #2. On “tick” and “tack,” Student #2 jumps in place with one foot, then the other out in front, then jumps and turns around, facing the outside of the circle. On “greets the congregation,” Student #2 walks backwards into the middle of the circle while waving to everyone and becomes the new “It.”

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