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(Korean folk song)

Nabiya nabiya, iri nara onuhra,
Norang nabi huin nabi choomul choomyuh onuhra
Bombarameh ggotipdo, banggutbangut ootumyuh,
Chamsedo jjekjjekjjek, norehamyuh choomchoonda

English Translation - Butterfly

Come fly over here
Yellow butterfly, white butterfly
Dance while you come
In the spring wind the flower petals as well
The sparrows also chirp chirp chirp
Singing as they dance

Korean – 나비야

나비야 나비야
이리 날아 오너라
노랑나비 흰 나비
춤을 추며 오너라
봄바람에 꽃잎도
방긋방긋 웃으며
참새도 짹짹짹
노래하며 춤춘다

Recorder Notes G, A, B, C, D’

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