Lyrics - Revised Romanization

(Korean folk song)

Nabiya nabiya, iri nara oneora,
norangnabi huin nabi
chumeul chumyeo oneora
bombarame kkonnipdo
banggeutbanggeut useumyeo
chamsaedo jjaekjjaekjjaek  noraehamyeo chumchunda

English Translation - Butterfly , butterfly

Butterfly, butterfly, come fly here
Yellow butterfly, white butterfly
Come dance
Flower petals in the spring breeze
Smiling brightly
The sparrows also tweet tweet tweet
Sing and dance

Korean – 나비야

나비야 나비야, 이리 날아 오너라
노랑나비 흰 나비
춤을 추며 오너라
봄바람에 꽃잎도
방긋방긋 웃으며
참새도 짹짹짹
노래하며 춤춘다

Recorder Notes G, A, B, C, D’

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