Quisiera ser tan alta

Lyrics - Spanish

(Folk song from Spain)

1. Quisiera ser tan alta como la luna, ay ay
Como la luna, como la luna

2. Para ver los soldados de Cataluña, ay ay
De Cataluña, de Cataluña

3. De Cataluña vengo de servir al rey, ay ay
De servir al rey, de servir al rey

4. Con licencia absoluta de mi coronel, ay ay
De mi coronel, de mi coronel

5. Al pasar por el puente de Santa Clara, ay ay
De Santa Clara, de Santa Clara

6. Se me calló el anillo dentro del agua, ay ay
Dentro del agua, dentro del agua

7. Al sacar el anillo saqué un tesoro, ay ay
Saqué un tesoro, saqué un tesoro

8. Un anillo de plata y un Cristo de oro, ay ay
Y un Cristo de oro, y un Cristo de oro

English Translation – I would like to be as tall

1. I would like to be as high/tall as the moon, ay ay!
As the moon, as the moon.

2. To see the soldiers from Catalonia, ay ay!
From Catalonia, from Catalonia.

3. From Catalonia I come back to serve the king, ay ay!
To serve the king, to serve the king.

4. And I’m bringing permission from my colonel, ay ay!
From my colonel, from my colonel.

5. To walk across the bridge of Santa Clara, ay ay!
Of Santa Clara, of Santa Clara.

6. My ring fell down into the water, ay ay!
Into the water, into the water.

7. When I took out the ring I rook out a treasure too, ay ay!
I took out a treasure too, I took out a treasure too.

8. A ring of silver and a Christ of gold, ay ay!
And Christ of gold, and a Christ of gold.


One student stands in the middle of a circle of students holding hands and walking to the right. Student in the middle holds an instrument and plays twice on the words “ay ay”. The students stop walking on the last word of the song, and the student that the person in the middle is facing becomes the new student in the middle to play the instrument.


  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song

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