The Little Black Ant


1. A little black ant found a large grain of wheat too heavy to lift or to roll.
So he begged of a neighbor he happened to meet to help him down into his hole.

2. “I’ve got my own work to see after,” said he. “You must shift for yourself, if you please.”
So he crawled off as selfish and cross as could be and lay down to sleep at his ease.

3. Just then another ant was passing that road and seeing his neighbor in want,
Came up and assisted him in with his load, for he was a good natured ant.

4. Let all who this story may happen to hear endeavor to profit by it.
How often it happens that children appear as cross as the every every bit.

5. And this good natured ant who assisted his friend may teach those who choose to be taught,
That if little insects are good to each other, then children must certainly ought!

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