The Three Crows


(Folk song)

Three crows there were once who sat on a stone,
Fa la, la la, la la.
But two flew away and then there was one,
Fa la, la la, la la.
The other crow felt so timid alone,
Fa la, la la, la la.
That he flew away and then there was none,
Fa la, la la, la la.


Students stand in two rows facing front; join inside hands. (Adaptations: students face each other instead of facing the front or partners in random formation around the room.)

Line 1 – 3 skips forward, bring heels together on last beat
Line 2 (fa la…) – 3 skips backward, bring heels together
Line 3 – Partners drop hands, skip sideways away from each other, heels together.
Line 4 (fa la…) – skip back into place
Line 5 – 3 skips backward
Line 6 – 3 steps forward
Line 7 – Raise arms up in a flapping motion, skip with small steps in a small circle
Line 8 – Raise and flutter arms while taking many small steps

  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song

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