Nani Wale Ku’u ‘Ike

Lyrics - Hawaiian

(Hawaiian folk song)

Nani wale kuʻu ʻike `ana i ka nani
O ke aloha e, e hoʻoipoipo nei

Ilihia wale au i kou leo lā
I ka pane ʻana mai, pehea au

I laila kuʻu ʻupu ke kuʻu haliʻa ana
E hoʻi kaua aʻe pili

Haʻina ʻia mai ana ka puana
ʻO ʻoe e kuʻu lei pili hemo ʻole

English Translation - My knowledge is beautiful

1. So beautiful in my sight
My love, let us make love

2. Your voice excites me
Asking, how am I

3. There is my desire
We must be together

4. Tell the refrain
Of you, my love, always close

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