That is What He Say


1. Tell me my little children,
What did the jaybird say?
Jaybird say: “Jay jay jay, Jay jay jay, Jay jay jay,”
That is what he say.

2. …mockingbird… “Whee dee dee…”

3. …chee-dee… “Chee dee dee…”

4. …old crow… “craw craw craw…”

5. …old hawk… “chick chick chick…”

6. …partridge… “bob bob white…”

7. …old owl… “whoo whoo whoo…”

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2 thoughts on “That is What He Say”

  1. Hi Beth,
    I’d like to use to use “This is What He Say” in a program but I can’t find the song anywhere besides your website. Do you know where the folk song originated?
    Thank you!

    1. Great question! I found the song in a Silver Burdett Early Childhood Teacher Edition, 1981, p. 150. They quoted the source from the Library of Congress. I put the link under “See also.” 🙂

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