Silver Moon Boat (Little Silver Moon)

English - Transliteration

(Chinese folk song)

Yuè er wān wān xiàng yītiáo chuán guà tiānshàng
Chuán guà xīngxīng tā yīrán qīngyíng piāodàng
Yángfān xiàngzhe xīfāng háng
Zhè xiǎo xiǎo yín chuán duō ānxiáng

Translation – Small Silver Boat

The moon curved like a boat hangs in the sky
Hanging in the stars, it’s still floating lightly,
Sailing towards the west
This little silver boat is very peaceful.

Singable English Lyrics

Little silver moon rides the sky like a boat,
Past the twinkling stars it will float, lightly float.
Sail little moon boat to the west,
Sail little moon boat while I rest.

Chinese Lyrics – 小银船

船挂星星 它依然轻盈飘荡


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