(German folk tune, Lyrics by Nathan Haskell Dale)

1. What clatters on the roofs with quick impatient hoofs?
I think it must be Santa Claus!
Hark! Old Santa Claus,
He’s in his loaded sledge!*

2. I wonder what be brings, what heaps of pretty things,
And how he gets them down the flue,
Hark! Down through the flue just where the stockings hang.

3. ‘Tis cold as cold can be, yet I should like to see
If Santa Claus is dressed his best.
Hark! Dressed for his ride, Hs ride around the world.

4. I guess I’ll dare to peep, he’ll think me sound asleep;
Why, there he is with heaps of toys!
Hark! Yes, heaps of toys; yes, there is Santa Claus!

*You could replace “sledge” with “sleigh.”

  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song

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