The carol is possibly traced back to 1702 in Madrid. “María Moreno,” for whom this carol might be named, is said to have been a troublemaker who interrupted a religious ceremony. (source)

Lyrics - Spanish

(Folk song from Spain)

1. En el portal de Belén hay estrellas sol y luna,
La Virgen y San José y el niño que esta en la cuna.

Ande, ande, ande, la marimorena.
Ande, ande, ande que es la Nochebuena.

2. En el Portal de Belén hacen lumbre los pastores.
Para calentar al Niño que ha nacido entre las flores. Refrain

3. Una estrella se ha perdido y en el cielo no aprece,
En el portal se ha metido y en su rostro resplandece.

English Translation

In the gate of Bethlehem there are stars, sun and moon,
Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph and the child in the crib.

Go, go, go noise
go, go go because it is Christmas [Eve].

At the gate of Bethlehem the shepherds watch
to warm the child, that was born between flowers. Refrain

One star got lost and in the sky it does not appear,
It has placed itself on the gate and brightens his face. Refrain (source)

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I have talked with several native Spanish speakers, and they made their best guess as to what this means. Also, the online chatter seems to be divided also. So, I appreciate your input!

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