Ay del Chiquirritín

Lyrics - Spanish

(Folk song from Spain)

¡Ay! del chiquirritín, chiquirritín,
que ha nacido entre pajas.
¡Ay! del chiquirritín, chiquirritín,
queridín, queridito del alma

1. Por debajo del arco del portalico
Se descubre a María, José y al Niño. Refrain

2. Entre un buey y una mula Dios ha nacido,
Y en un pobre pesebre le han recogido. Refrain

English Translation – Poor little boy

Oh, the poor little baby boy*, little boy,
Who is lying in the straw
Oh the poor little baby boy, little boy,
Darling boy, little darling of our soul.

1. Below the arch of the portal
We find Mary, Joseph and the Child. Refrain

2. Between an ox and a donkey, the Child God was born
And in a poor manger, they received him. Refrain

*The literal translation should be “Woe the little boy”. But that sounded too strong for a current translation so “poor little boy” seems more accurate in modern English. (source)

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