Ay del Chiquirritín


¡Ay! del chiquirritín, chiquirritín, que ha nacido entre pajas.
¡Ay! del chiquirritín, chiquirritín, queridín, queridito del alma

1. Por debajo del arco del portalico
Se descubre a María, José y al Niño. Refrain

2. Entre un buey y una mula Dios ha nacido,
Y en un pobre pesebre le han recogido. Refrain

Translation – Poor little boy

Oh, the poor little baby boy*, little boy,
Who is lying in the straw
Oh the poor little baby boy, little boy,
Darling boy, little darling of our soul.

Verse 1
Between an ox and a donkey, the Child God was born
And in a poor manger, they received him.

Verse 2
Below the arch of the portal
We find Mary, Joseph and the Child.
Oh, the poor little baby boy, little boy,
Who is lying in the straw

*The literal translation should be “Woe the little boy”. But that sounded too strong for a current translation so “poor little boy” seems more accurate in modern English. (source)


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