Who is He in Yonder Stall


This is the same composer as Up on the Housetop and Jolly Old St. Nicholas.


(Benjamin Hanby, 1866)

1. Who is He in yonder stall
At whose feet the shepherds fall?
Who is He in deep distress,
Fasting in the wilderness?

‘Tis the Lord! O wondrous story!
‘Tis the Lord! The King of glory!
At His feet we humbly fall,
Crown Him! Crown Him Lord of all!

2. Who is He the people bless
For His words of gentleness?
Who is He to Whom they bring
All the sick and sorrowing? Refrain

3. Who is He that stands and weeps
At the grave where Lazarus sleeps?
Who is He the gathering throng
Greet with loud triumphant song? Refrain

4. Lo! at midnight, who is He
Prays in dark Gethsemane?
Who is He on yonder tree
Dies in grief and agony? Refrain

5. Who is He that from the grave
Comes to heal and help and save?
Who is He that from His throne
Rules through all the world alone? Refrain

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2 thoughts on “Who is He in Yonder Stall”

  1. I have you to thank for the success of my Christmas program. I had never heard of this song until I found it on this blog. It was my favorite of our entire program. Our 1-3 graders sang it with such joy!! I added a little chant with movement between each repetition of the song. The children sang it with such joy! They love your folk songs. And the parents did too! Thank you again! I would never have found this song elsewhere! I also found it very interesting that this composer also wrote “Jolly Old St. Nicholas” and “Up on the Housetop.” Have a Merry Christmas!

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