Donkey Riding


(Canadian folk song)

1. Were you ever in Quebec,
Showing timber on a deck?
There’s a king with a golden crown,
Riding on a donkey.

Hey, ho away we go, donkey riding, donkey riding,
Hey, ho away we go, Riding on a donkey.

2. Were you ever off the horn,
Where it’s always fine and warm?
See the lion and the unicorn,
Riding on a donkey. Refrain

3. Were you ever in the town,
Where the girls walk up and down?
Waiting for boys to come to town
Riding on a donkey. Refrain


  • Song with chords in 2 keys with Solfege (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song

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1 thought on “Donkey Riding”

  1. 70 now but when I was in primary school in 1957 we were taught Stowing timber on the deck. Guess there were regional variations though.

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