Cradle Spell of Dunvegan


Dunvegan Castle is a castle off the West coast of Scotland. (source)


(Scottish folk song from the Hebrides)

1. Sleep, my little child, hero tenderling,
Dream, my little child, hero fawnlike one,
High on mountain brows, be thy stagtryst,
Speed thy yew arrows straight antlerwards.

2. Sleep, my little child, Hero gentle bred,
Dream, my little child, Hero battle bred,
Skin like falling snow, Green thy mailcoat,
Live thy steeds, Dauntless thy following.

3. Horo vee lavok, Horo aily,
Horo vee lavok, Horo aily,
Dream thy hero dream, Through thy child sleep,
Hang thy shield, Lochlann-like, heavenwards.

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