Old King Glory of the mountain,
The mountain was so high, it nearly touched the sky,
The first one, second one, third, come with me.


  • Students sit in circle.
  • One student is “it,” (let’s call him “Johnny”) and walks around the circle while students sing.
  • Student points to three students as students sing the last phrase: “first one, second one, third come with me.”
  • That third student (let’s call her “Sally”) gets up and stands in front of “Johnny.” Johnny puts his hands (or one hand is fine) on Sally’s shoulders, and Sally becomes the new “it.”
  • When Sally picks a new person on the words “third come with me,” Sally puts her hand(s) on his/her shoulders.
  • When one student is left in the circle, that person becomes the new “it.”

Recorder Notes D,E,G,A,B,D’

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