(Folk song)

Circle round the zero, Find your lovin’ zero,
Back back zero, side side zero,
Front front zero,
Swing your lovin’ zero.


Version 1

One student walks around a circle of other students sitting in a circle. On the words “Find your loving’ zero,” students stops behind another student. On “back back zero,” they bump backs, then bump sides, then clap hands, then swing. Both students continue around the circle. Start the game over again when you run out of enough students in the center for each of the outside students to have a partner.

Version 2

Players stand in a circle clapping the beat, spaced slightly apart from each other. The leader walks around the outside of the circle; at “Back, back zero,” he stands back to back with one of the players; at “Side, side zero,” he stands beside him; at “Front, front zero,’ he stands facing the child chosen; at “Tap your lovin’ zero,’ he taps him on the shoulders. The game is repeated, with the first leader taking the place of the one he has chosen.

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