(African American Spiritual)

Wade in the water, wade in the water, children.
Wade in the water, God’s gonna to trouble the water.

1. See that host all dressed in white,
God’s gonna trouble the water.
The leader looks like an Israelite.
God’s gonna trouble the water. Refrain

2. Who are these children dressed in red?…
Must be the children that Moses led… Refrain

3. Jordan’s water is chilly and cold…
It chills the body, but not the soul…Refrain

4. If you get there before I do…
Tell all of my friends I’m coming too…Refrain


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  • Song with chords, Lesson ideas for Rhythm (syncopation & half notes), Orff arrangement, Recorder countermelody (notes D,G,A,D’), Partner Song with Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (PDF)
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