Doggie Doggie Where’s Your Bone?


(Folk song)

Doggie doggie
Where’s your bone?
Somebody stole it from your home.


One student plays the “Doggie” and sits in a chair facing away from the rest of the students. As the students sing the song (it might help to sing the first two phrases twice), the teacher (or another student) hands a dog bone* to a student, who hides it in their lap. All other students pretend to hide the bone also. Student in chair turns around and gets 3 guesses to figure out who has the bone.

  • Option 1 – The person who has the bone in their lap becomes the new “Doggie.”
  • Option 2 – (to give more students the chance to play) Whether they guess correctly or not, the teacher chooses a new “Doggie” and a different person to hold the bone.

*For a bone, you could laminate the melody visual (below) or buy a rawhide or rubber dog bone.

Recorder Notes E, G, A

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8 thoughts on “Doggie Doggie Where’s Your Bone?”

  1. Hi Beth, I am a “new” developmental music teacher this year after teaching general second grade for the past 16 years. I taught music 16 years ago and remembered this song/game in my mind. I found this page and then all the other WONDERFUL resources that you have here… Wow, what a great wealth of valuable information for someone like me! I can’t thank you enough for sharing all of your hard work. Your site is at the top of my bookmarks and I will use it weekly. Cathy

  2. Absolutely! I am so excited I found this site. I am using this song for my new role at work, playing songs for the preschool on my clarinet and saxophone. Thanks Beth

  3. I am a brand new elementary music teacher after teaching private voice and guitar lessons for years and am so thrilled to find your site. Thank you, I’ll be coming back here weekly! Thanks, Jenn

  4. I’m doing sone of your songs and games on Zoom with my fifth graders before our academic lessons. Great community building and “waking up” activities. Thank you!

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