Doggie doggie
Where’s your bone?
Somebody stole it from your home.


  • One student plays the “Doggie” and sits in a chair facing away from the rest of the students. As the students sing the song (usually twice), the teacher (or another student) hands a dog bone* to a student, who hides it in his/her lap. All other students pretend to hide the bone also. Student in chair turns around and gets 3 guesses to figure out who has the bone.
    • Option 1 – The person who has the bone in his/her lap becomes the new “Doggie.”
    • Option 2 – (to give more students the chance to play) Whether he/she guesses correctly or not, the teacher chooses a new “Doggie” and a different person to hold the bone.

*For a bone, you could laminate the melody visual (available for Plus members below) or buy a rawhide or rubber dog bone.

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Extras for Plus Members

  • Printable & Digital Visuals

  • Song with chords, 2 Orff Arrangements, Lesson ideas for Rhythm (long & short), Melody (mi, so | mi, so, la | pitch matching rubric), Student recorder copies (E,G,A)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen

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