Kindergarten Rhythm Lessons: Long & Short

Each lesson is 30 minutes long.

Lesson 1

  • Opening Song
  • Tell students we are learning LONG and SHORT.
    • Say the pattern: short, short, short, short, long, long (4 quarter notes, 2 half notes)
    • On the board, write — — — — ——– ——–
  • Cold Old House
    • Chant the chant, students pat knees. Listen for long sounds. Stand in place and step on the steady beat, then make long motions on the long notes. Walk around the room with bubbles. Make short sounds (marching) and long sounds (long stretches, swaying, etc.) to the chant.
  • Wheels on the Bus
    • Sing the first verse as students pat the beat. Tell students to listen for the long notes and raise their hands when they hear them.
    • Students sing and make a long motion on the long sounds.
  • Doggie Doggie Where’s Your Bone
    • Sing (or chant) the song while students pat the beat. Ask students what words were the long sounds. (You can exaggerate the length of the long notes.)
    • See the long & short visuals.
    • Play the game.

Lesson 2

  • Opening Song
  • Remind students we are learning LONG and SHORT.
    • Say the same pattern as last time and show on the board.
    • Clap and make long motions.
    • Students walk around the room to the pattern.
  • Cold Old House
    • Continue walking around the room, stepping on each beat until each long note (“sea” and “be”). Make long motions on those words.
  • Old Blue
    • Sing the song, ask students where the long sounds are.
    • See the long visuals.
  • Wheels on the Bus
    • Remember where the long and short sounds are.
    • Add short sounds (rhythm sticks) while singing.
  • Doggie Doggie Where’s Your Bone
    • Remember where the long sounds are. Review which words. See the visuals.
    • Play the game.

More lessons available below.

  • Kindergarten rhythm lessons (#1-4) – Long & Short (PDF)

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