(Irish folk song)

Oh row, the rattlin’ bog, the bog down in the valley-o. (repeat)

1. And in that bog there was a tree, A rare tree and a rattlin’ tree,
And the tree in the bog and the bog down in the valley-o. Refrain
2. And on that tree there was a limb, A rare limb and a rattlin’ limb,
and the limb on the tree, and the tree in the bog, and the bog down… Refrain
3. And on that limb there was a branch… Refrain
4. And on that branch there was a nest… Refrain
5. And in that nest there was an egg… Refrain
6. And in that egg there was a bird… Refrain
7. And in that bird there was a feather… Refrain
8. And on that feather, there was a flea… Refrain

Recorder Notes D, E, G, A, B, D'

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2 thoughts on “Rattlin’ Bog”

  1. I’m teaching this tune to my Irish whistle class tomorrow. It occurred to me that I might ought to check the lyrics for appropriateness. Thank you for providing this information.

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