Grizzly bear, a grizzly bear is sleeping in a cave. (repeat)
Please be very quiet, very very quiet,
If you wake him, if you shake him, he gets very mad!


Students stand in a circle on the floor. One student (the “Grizzly Bear”) stands/sits in the middle and closes his/her eyes while students sing the song and dance in place. On the last word “mad,” students freeze, and the “Grizzly Bear” opens his/her eyes and looks for students who are moving. If they move, they are “out,” and they sit down. After about a minute of looking for moving students, the “Grizzly Bear” closes his/her eyes and spins around while pointing: I count 1…2…3. The person the “Grizzly Bear” is pointing to (It must be a person who is still standing and who is not “out.”) when I say “3” becomes the next “Grizzly Bear.”

Recorder Notes F#GABCD’

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