Chatter With the Angels


(African American Spiritual)

Chatter with the angels soon in the morning
Chatter with the angels all day long.

I hope to join that band and
Chatter with the angels all day long


or purchase here (printables only)

  • Song with chords, Lesson ideas for Form & Melody (low so & low la), Orff arrangement
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song

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2 thoughts on “Chatter With the Angels”

  1. The next time the students come to music class, after teaching them Won’t You Sit Down Lord, I teach them Chatter with the Angels and have the students do the same Orff parts and find “mi, re, do” also.

  2. Great song selection, Beth. I have been utilizing the notated music for my first and second grade music students. Since we have SMART Boards in school, my students are singing the lyrics and beginning to align the notes as well. You have done a fabulous job including so many wonderful songs, teaching tips and lessons. Keep up the great work!

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