Charlie over the ocean, (echo)
Charlie over the sea, (echo)
Charlie catch a blackbird (echo)
Can’t catch me. (echo)


Leader walks around the circle while singing. On the last word, he/she taps the student closest to him/her. That person becomes the next “it.”

I don’t allow the next “it” to run after the person who taps him/her – while we’re playing indoors. Instead, the student walks quickly around the circle. Outside on the grass, they can play like “Duck Duck Goose” and run.

I use this to assess pitch matching, so I make sure each student gets a turn.

Extras for Plus Members

(or available for purchase here)


  • Song with chords, Lesson ideas for Rhythm (quarter notes & rests, eighth notes), Melody (pentatonic, low so & low la, Pitch Matching Performance Assessment Rubric), Voices, Orff arrangement, Recorder student copies (D,E,G,A,B) (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen

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