Feb 262014

Che Che Koolay

Kye Kye Kule (pronounced “chay chay koolay”) is mostly likely originally from Ghana. We’ve read in a couple of places that this song is from the Ghanian Fanti Tribe. The Fanti Tribe speaks Fanti and Twi.

This song is sung all over the world. I do not know the English translation. There are many different spellings: “Kye Kye Kule”, “Che Che Kule”, “Shay Shay Kooley”, “Che Che Koolay”, “Che che Cole”, etc. (source)


Che che koolay (echo)
Che che kofeesa (echo)
Kofee salanga (echo)
Kaka shee langa (echo)
Whoops ah lay lay (echo)
Whoops ah lay lay – Hey!


Song pdf & midi below


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