Oct 132011

Going Over the Sea


When I was one I ate a bun,
Going over the sea.
I jumped aboard the sailorman’s ship,
The sailorman said to me:
“Going over, going under,
Stand at attention like a soldier
With a one, two, three!

When I was two I buckled my shoe…

When I was three I banged my knee…

When I was four I shut the door…

When I was five I learned to jive…

When I was six I picked up sticks…

When I was seven I went to heaven…

When I was eight I learned to skate…

When I was nine I climbed a vine…
When I was ten I caught a hen…

I use this song in first grade, and we discuss the rhyming words. We stand up and sing while we do motions. It’s one of the kids’ favorite songs!

Recorder Notes DEF#GABD’

Going Over the Sea G




Song pdf with chords in 2 keys & midi below


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