I love this book! I love the beautiful illustrations, the silly poetry, and most of all, how I can turn it into rhythm lessons!

  • While I say the poems, I have the students find the strong beat and pat it while I say it. Then, I have chosen some of my favorite animal poems and added rhythms to them.
  • After reading my favorite animal poems, I introduce these rhythm cards. The students say the rhythms with rhythm syllables (I use the “ta” system), and then we add the animal names. We always add body percussion (mostly clapping) as we say rhythms: (1) to add the kinesthetic element to their learning; (2) to prepare them for instruments.


Suggested instruments:

  • DRUMS – Rumble in the jungle
  • GUIROS  – Chimpanzee
  • TRIANGLES  – Zebra
  • CABASAS – Snake
  • MARACAS – Elephant
  • WOODBLOCKS – Rhinoceros

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  • PDF includes:
    • Printable Rhythm Cards
  • Digital Rhythm Cards

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