Diū shǒu juàn

Lyrics - Pinyin

(Chinese folk song)

Diū shǒu juàn, diū shǒu juàn,
qīng qīng dì fàng zài xiǎo péng yǒu de hòu miàn,
dà jiā bù yào gào sù tā,
kuài diǎn kuài diǎn zhuō zhù tā
kuài diǎn kuài diǎn zhuō zhù tā

English Translation - ​Drop the napkin

Drop the napkin, drop the napkin,
Softly behind the child,
Everybody stays quiet,
Hurry, catch him quickly,
Hurry, catch him quickly!

Chinese - 丢手绢

丢手绢, 丢手绢,

Circle Singing Game

Formation: Students sit in a circle. One person is “It” who stands outside of the circle holding a piece of cloth, such as a cloth napkin or handkerchief.

As students sing, “It” walks around outside the circle. On the end of the second phrase (measure 8), “It” drops the cloth behind a student and starts to run around the circle. The student in front of the cloth stands up and runs after “It.” “It” stops running when the empty spot in the circle is reached. The student who was chasing “It” becomes the new “It.”

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