Bo Bo Ski Watten Tatten


There are many versions of this song, including “Bo Bo Ski Otten Totten,” “Bo-Bo Skadeeten Dotten,” “Bo bo ski watten tottle,” “Bobo Shi Otten Totten,” “Bo bo see wattin tattin,” “Bo Bo Ski Waton Taton…” (source) (source)


(Folk song)

Bo bo ski watten tatten,
Eh-eh-eh-eh, boom boom boom

Itty bitty watten tatten,
Bo bo ski watten tatten,
Bo bo ski watten tatten,
Freeze! Freeze!
American cheese!
Please don’t show your _____* to me!

*Name a body part. When students repeat the song, they hide that part of the body from their partners. Ideas:

  • eyes: close eyes
  • teeth: close mouth tightly
  • face: turn head away from partner as much as possible
  • elbows: pretend elbows are glued to the body
  • knees: kneel
  • foot: put one foot behind the other

Hand-Clapping Game

Version 1

Formation: Partners facing each other

  • Ms. 1 = (2 eighth notes) With hands together (palms facing in), partners brush the back of their left hands together, then back of right hands. (2 eighth notes) Touch back of left hands together, clap own hands. (2 eighth notes) Keeping backs of hands touching, clap partner’s hands up, then clap in the middle. (Keep hands touching backs.) (2 eighth notes) Shake hands below other hands. Move top hands below the others and shake hands.
  • Ms. 2 = (eh-eh) Keep holding left hands: Let go of top hands and pat right thighs twice. (eh-eh) Snap twice. (boom boom boom) Brush palms, brush back of hands. Clap both hands together.

Repeat pattern until the word “Freeze!” Hold both hands with partner and pulse on each word.

Version 2

Formation: Individuals clapping alone

  • Ms. 1 = (4 eighth notes) Clap own hands (in wiping motion) 4 times, (4 eighth notes) touch right hand to right shoulder, clap, touch left hand to left shoulder, clap
  • Ms. 2 = (eh-eh) snap twice, (eh-eh) clap twice, (boom boom boom) hands out, hands cross over each other in the middle, hands out.

Repeat pattern until the word “Freeze!” Hold both hands about shoulders’ width apart in front of middle and pulse on each word.

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