Go Down Emmanuel Road


This song is also called Go Down Manuel Road. “Manuel” might refer to manual labor. (source)

Lyrics - Jamaican (Patois/Patwa)

(Folk song from Jamaica)

Guh dung a Emmanuel Road, galang bwoy
Fi guh bruk rock stone. (repeat)
Bruk dem one by one, galang bwoy
Bruk dem two by two, galang bwoy
Finga mash nuh cry, galang bwoy
‘Memba a play wid a play, galang bwoy

Standard American English Translation

Go down Emmanuel Road, gal and boy
[You’ve got] To break rock stone, gal and boy
Break them one by one, gal and boy
Break them two by two, gal and boy
[If your] Finger gets mashed, don’t cry
Remember this is just a game, gal and boy

Rock Passing Game

Formation: Students sit in a circle with a rock in front of each person.

As the song is sung, students pass stones to the right.

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