The More We Are Together


Irving King wrote this song based on the German tune of Ach Du Lieber Augustin. The refrain has evolved into The More We Get Together in the original meter of the German tune. (source)


(Irving King, 1926)

Here’s a little melody to make you feel O.K.,
Just the thing you all should sing to finish up the day.
When the party’s over, and you’re saying, “au revoir,”
All join hands and sing it just before you close the door.

The more we are together, together, together,
Oh, the more we are together, the merrier we’ll be,
For your friends and my friends
And my friends are your friends,
So the more we are together, the merrier we’ll be.

When you’re feeling thirsty and the froth you long to blow,
Sing this little anthem, raise your voices all you know.
Never be downhearted, face your troubles with a smile,
Hum this chorus heartily and life will be worthwhile. Refrain

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