(Folk song)

Our old sow is getting very fat.
Kimo, komo, keemo.
Three foot two across the back.
Kimo, komo, keemo.

(Alternate lyrics below)


Formation: One student is the Farmer standing at the front of the room and one student is the Sow standing on the opposite side of the room. In between those two students stand the rest of the students in rows, such as 4 rows of 6 students or 5 rows of 6 students. These students form “walls” by either holding hands or standing with arms out to the side at shoulder height, touching fingertips with other students.

Students sing the song. At the end of measure 2, students lower hands and pivot 90 degrees to the right and form “walls” with the students who were previously in front or behind them. At the end of measure 2, students pivot to the left and join hands in original formation. At the end of measure 6, they pivot right again, and at the end of the song, they pivot back to the starting position. During the song, the Farmer must chase the Sow, but not hit or go under a “wall.”

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