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(Korean folk song)

Gom sema-ri-ga han chi-be-yi-so
Appa gom, omma gom, ae-gi gom
Appa gommun tung-tung-hae,
Omma gommun nal-shin-hae,
Ae-gi gommun na bul-gwi-yo-wo,
Hishuk hishuk cha-rhan-da

English Translation - Three Bears

There are three bears in one house,
Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear,
Papa Bear is fat,
Mama Bear is slim,
Baby Bear is so cute,
Shrug, shrug, well done!

Korean - 곰세마리

곰세마리가 한 집에 있어
아빠곰, 엄마곰, 아기곰
아빠곰은 뚱뚱해
엄마곰은 날씬해.
아기곰은 너무 귀여워
으쓱! 으쓱! 잘한다

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