Turkey Struttin’ Down the Lane


(American folk tune)

Turkey struttin’ down the lane,
Turkey struttin’ so,
Thursday is Thanksgiving Day
I think you ought to know.

Run and hide, time to go,
Run and hide, time to go.


Formation: Two lines with partners facing each other. Couple at the top of the lines are called the Head Couple.

Measures 1-8 = The Head Couple walks down between the lines in any way they want. The other students clap on the steady beat. The word “struttin’” can be changed to “walking,” “running,” “skipping,” “galloping,” “crawling,” “tip-toes,” etc. Head Couple takes their place at the end of the lines.

On “run and hide,” all students make 3 quick steps as they start to turn in place to the right. On “time to go,” they complete the turn (with slower steps). Repeat with turning in place to the left. (repeat)

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