Lyrics - Haitian Creole

(Folk song from Haiti)

Ti zwazo kote ou prale
Mwenn prale kay fiyét Lalo
Fiyét Lalo kon manje ti moun
Si ou ale lap manje ou tou

Brik kolon brik, brik kolon brik
Wosiyol mange korosol

A woulo woulo woulo
Mwen soti lavil o kay
Tout bet tonbe nan dlo
Madmwazel leve pou danse
Mesye mwen trò fatige

Tout bet tonbe nan bwa
Mabouya tonbe nan bwa
Zandolit tonbe nan bwa

English Translation - Little bird

Little bird where are you going
I am going to little Miss Lalo’s* house
Little Miss Lalo likes eating children
If you go she will eat you too

Brik kolon brik, brik kolon brik (nonsense syllables)*
Nightingale eats breadfruit

Rolling rolling rolling
I come from the village
All birds fall in water
Lady, please dance with me
Sir, I am too tired.

All birds fall into the woods
Mabouya fell into the woods
Lizard fell into the wood
(source) (source)

*Lalo is an imaginary figure who eats children: good for teaching kids to not speak to strangers. (source)

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