Hop-tu-naa Song


Hop-tu-naa is a Celtic festival celebrated on the Isle of Man on October 31. It marks the beginning of Samhain, a Gaelic holiday celebrating the end of harvest and beginning of winter. (source)

Lyrics - Manx Gaelic

(Folk song from the Isle of Man)

1. Ta shenn oie Houney, Hop-tu-naa!
T’an eayst soilshean, Trol-la-laa! (repeat)

as Trol-la-laa,
Ta shenn Oie Houney,
Hop-tu-naa! (repeat)

2. Noght Oie Houney, Hop-tu-naa!
Mairagh Laa Houney, Trol-la-laa! (repeat)

3. Veeit mee poul kayt Hop-tu-naa!
Reh eh scryssey. Trol-la-laa! (repeat)

4. Ren mee roie, Hop-tu-naa!
Roie mee gys Nalbin, Trol-la-laa! (repeat)

English Translation - Hop-tu-naa

1. This is old Hollantide* night, Hop-tu-naa!
The moon shines bright, Trol-la-laa! (repeat)

and Trol-la-laa,
It’s Hollantide Night,
Hop-tu-naa! (repeat)

2. Tonight is Hollantide night, Hop-tu-naa!
Tomorrow is Hollantide Day, Trol-la-laa! (repeat)

3. I met a pole-cat, Hop-tu-naa!
He grinned at me, Trol-la-laa! (repeat)

4. I ran, Hop-tu-naa!
I ran to Scotland, Trol-la-laa! (repeat)

*Hollantide is an old Celtic New Year celebration. (source)


Formation – Students stand next to partners holding hands. Two couples form one group: Couple 1 (who starts in front) and Couple 2.

Ms. 1-2 = 3 small steps, 1 hop
Ms. 3-8 = Repeat Ms. 1-2 three times.
Ms. 9-10 = Couple 1 raises hands in an arch and steps backwards while Couple 2 ducks and steps forward under the arch.
Ms. 11-12 = Same as Ms. 9-10, except Couple 2 makes and arch and Couple 1 moves back to original position.
Ms. 13-14 = Repeat Ms. 9-10
Ms. 15-16 = Couple 2 drops hands and each casts off and steps behind Couple 1.

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