Ftayri ya ftayri

Lyrics - Transliteration

(folk song from Tunisia)

Ftayri ya ftayri
Taginek bezzit
Mnin’zzit ya ftayri
Min ‘andi’jjirbi

Ya jirbi hanoutik tah
Rawah libladik wirtah

Jirbina jirbina
‘Andikchi madanina

Madanina ‘andi’chayeb
Wi’chchayeb khadhdharna

El khadhdhar fliss
Mchè ygib fi’lkhass

El khass fi mannouba
Mannouba fiha mahbouba
Wou mahbouba thibb l-ftayer
Wi’lftayri jarnè

English Translation - Fatayer (meat pie) vendor, oh vendor

Fatayer (meat pie) vendor, oh fatayer
Your frying pan is full of oil
Where do you buy it, oh fatayer?
I buy it from the grocer

Who comes from Djerba
Hey you are the grocer who comes from Djerba

May your grocery store fall apart
Go home and rest

Hey you who come from Djerba
Do you sell clementines?
Clementines, it’s at the old
The old man is our greengrocer
He got ruined
He went to get lettuces
The lettuces are in the city of Manouba
Where is Mahbouba located?
My sweetheart who loves donuts
And our neighbor
Is the fatayer vendor

Arabic - فطاير يا فطاير

Recorder Notes G, A, B, D'

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