Atem Tutem Men Seni

Lyrics - Turkish

(Folk song from Turkey)

Atem tutam men seni
Şekere gatem men seni
Akşem baben gelende oy
Öğüne atem men seni

Hop hopun olsun oğlum
Gül topun olsun oğlum
//Sırali gavak dibinde oy
Toyluğun olsun oğlum oy// (repeat)
(optional: repeat verse 1)

Ev süpürür toz eder
Hamama gider naz eder
//El ayağı kir İçinde
Yıkamam diye naz eder// (repeat)
(optional: repeat verse 1)

English Translation - I'll play with you, my baby

I’ll play with you, my baby
With sugar, with candies
When thy father comes
We’ll play with him too

Play, my child
Play with your ball, my child
//Beneath the poplars
Let your childhood remain// (repeat)
(optional: repeat verse 1)

She cleans, he besmears
He goes into bath, he acts up
//He is curly dirt
He acts up to not being cleaned//
(optional: repeat verse 1)

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