(Folk song)

Fudge fudge call the judge,
Mama’s gonna have a baby,
Not a boy, not a girl,
Just a plain old baby.

Wrap the diaper up in paper,
Throw it down the elevator,

First floor stop! Second floor stop!
Third floor, you’d better not stop
‘Cause H-O-T spells HOT!

Circle Game

Formation: Students sit in a circle on the floor.

As song begins, students pass a ball around the circle until the last word. The person who is holding the ball on the last word is “out” and goes to the middle of the circle. The next person who is “out” joins the first student in the middle and they start to form a circle in the middle. They also pass a ball, but no one is ever out. When the inside circle gets bigger than the outside circle, the circles switch places.

Recorder Notes E, G, A

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