Tere tere tetermatsi

Lyrics - Estonian

(Estonian folk song)

Tere, tere, tetermatsi, tetermatsista marunga,
marungasta maanispilli, maanispillista pibara,
pibarasta petserikku, petserikusta riguna,
rigunasta rindasõlge, rindasõlesta sõmera,
sõmerasta soolavakka, soolavakasta valina,
valinasta vikerkaare, vikerkaaresta kabuna.
Kabunasta kasvis metsa,
sealt mina raisin rataspuida,
isa ärja ikkepuida,
ema lehma lüpsikuida.

English Translation – Hello old fellow

Hello, hello, tetermatsi, tetermatsista marunga,
marunga manic whistle, manic instrument pibara,
pibarasta peterikku, peterikusta riguna,
rigging the chest, pleura,
gravelly salt shaker, as a salt shaker option,
choosing a rainbow, rainbow kabuna.
Kabunasta grew into a forest,
from there I raised the wheelbarrow,
father’s yoke,
mother cow milked.
(source: Google translate)

This is an alliteration-based word game. In the song, places are named, where a child goes and gets various things. At the end, he reaches a forest where he chops wood, which is used for the yokes of his father’s bulls and his mother’s milk cans. (source)

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