Aserrín aserrán


This song is sung in many countries with different variations. (See below for links for more variations.) The song mentions the Feast of San Juan, which celebrates the birth of John the Baptist on June 24. (source)

It is often sung while bouncing a child on the lap. (source)

Lyrics - Spanish

(Folk song)

¡Aserrín! ¡Aserrán!
Los maderos de San Juan,
Piden pan, no les dan,
Piden queso, les dan hueso
Piden vino, sí les dan,
Se marean y se van

English Translation – Sawdust, making sawdust

Sawdust, making sawdust,
The woodcutters of San Juan,
They ask for bread, they do not get it,
They ask for cheese, they get bones,
They ask for wine, yes they get it,
They get dizzy and they leave

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