Debrecenbe kéne menni

Lyrics - Hungarian

(Hungarian folk song)

Debrecenbe kéne menni,
pulykakakast kéne venni,
vigyázz, kocsis, lyukas a kas,
kiugrik a pulykakakas.

Debrecenbe kéne menni,
pulykakakast kéne venni,
lassan kocsis lyukas a kas
kihullik a pulykakakas.

English Translation – You should go to Debrecen

You should go to Debrecen*,
turkey should be bought,
watch out, cart, hole in the basket,
the turkey pops out.

You should go to Debrecen,
turkey should be bought,
slowly carriage hole in the basket
the turkey falls out.

*Debrecen is a large city in Hungary

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