Can Ye Sew Cushions


(Scottish folk song)

O can ye sew cushions? And can ye sew sheets?
And can ye sing ballooloo when the bairn greets?
And hee and haw birdie, and hee and haw lamb,
And hee and haw, birdie, my bonnie wee lamb.

Heeo-weeo, what will I do wi’ you?
Black’s the life that I lead wi’ you,
Mony o’ ye, Little for to gi’ you.
Heeo-weeo, what would I do wi’ you?

I biggit* the cradle upon the treetop,
And aye as the wind blew, my cradle did rock.
And hush a baw baby, O ba lil li loo,
And hee and baw, birdie, my bonnie wee doo. Refrain

Now hush a baw lammie, and hush a baw dear,
Now hush a baw lammie, thy minnie** is here.
The wild wind is ravin’, thy minnie’s heart sair,
The wild wind is ravin’, but ye dinna care. Refrain

Sing bal la loo lammie, sing bal la loo dear,
Does wee lammie ken that its daddie’s no here?
Ye’re rockin’ fu’ sweetly on mammie’s warm knee,
But daddie’s a rockin’ upon the saut sea. Refrain

*biggit = built
**minnie = mother
(more explanation of words)

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