Los pollos de mi cazuela

Lyrics - Spanish

(Nicaraguan folk song)

Los pollos de mi cazuela
No sirven para comer
Solo para las viuditas
Que lo saben componer.

Compone niña compone
Ya llega tu marinero
Con este bonito traje
Que parece un carpintero.

Anoche yo te vi
A la orilla de tu jardín
Moviendo la cinturita
Para allá y para acá
Para allá y para acá.

English Translation – The chickens in my pot

The chickens in my pot
They are not good to eat
Just for widows
If they know how to cook it.

Get ready, girl, get ready,
Your sailor is coming
With this nice suit
He looks like a carpenter.

Last night i saw you
At the edge of your garden
Moving your waist
This way and that way,
This way and that way.


Formation: Students stand in a circle holding hands. One student (“It”) stands inside the circle.

Students in the circle walk to the right while singing. “It” skips around the inside of the circle in the other direction. In the last verse on the words, “Moviendo la cinturita,” every stops and puts hands on their waists and then move them from side to side. Whoever “It” is stopped in front of becomes the new “It.” (source)

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