Vigndig a Fremd Kind

Lyrics - Yiddish

(Jewish folk song – Yiddish)

Zolst azoy lebn un zayn gezint
Vi ich vel dir zitsn un vign s’kind.

Ay-lyu-lyu, Sha-sha-sha,
Dayn mameshi z’gegangen in mark arayn.
Ay-lyu-lyu, shlof mayn kind,
Di mameshi velkumen gich un geshvind.

Zolst azoy lebn, s’geyt mir derinen!
Dayn mameshi z’gegangen in mark arayn fardinen. Refrain

Andere meydelech tantsn un shpringen
Un ich muz n’kind vign un zingen! Refrain

Andere meydelech tsukerkelech nashn
Un ich muz n’s’kind vindelech vashn! Refrain

English Translation – Rocking Someone Else’s Child

May you live long and be well,
My lady, while I sit here and rock your baby.

Hush-a-bye, sha-sha-sha,
Your mama has gone to the marketplace.
Hush-a-bye, sleep my child,
Your mama will be back soon.

Long may you live for I wish it to be true.
Your mother has gone off to provide for you. Refrain

Other young girls dance and play,
While here I rock the baby. Refrain

Other young girls are eating candies,
And I have to wash a pile of diapers.
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