(Traditional chant)

My hands upon my head I place,
On my shoulders, on my face,
On my hips I place them so,
Then bend down to touch my toe.

Now I raise them up so high,
Make my fingers fairly fly,
Now I clap them, one two three.
Then I fold them silently.


Line 1 – Place hands on head
Line 2 – Hands on shoulders,
Line 3 – Hands on face,
Line 4 – Hands on hips

Line 5 – Touch toes
Line 6 – Raise hands in the air
Line 7 – Clap hands three times
Line 8 – Fold arms

See also

  • Subject: body parts
  • Activities: motions
  • Timbre: chants
  • Source: Round and Round the Garden and Other Action Songs, Caroline Repchuk, Parragon, 2000
  • Downloadable chant (PDF)

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