Pjevaj mi pjevaj sokole

Lyrics - Croatian

(Croatian folk song)

Pjevaj mi, pjevaj, sokole
pjevaj mi, pjevaj, pjevaj, sokole
salaj, sokole

K’o sto si sinoc pjevao
k’o sto si sinoc, sinoc pjevao
salaj, pjevao

Pod moje drage prozorom
pod moje drage, drage prozorom
salaj, prozorom

Moja je draga zaspala
moja je draga, draga zaspala
salaj, zaspala

Studen joj kamen pod glavom
studen joj kamen, kamen pod glavom
salaj, pod glavom

Ja sam joj kamen izmak’o
ja sam joj kamen, kamen izmak’o
salaj, izmak’o

I svoju ruku podmak’o
i svoju ruku, ruku podmak’o
salaj, podmak’o

I desnom rukom milov’o
i desnom rukom, rukom milov’o
salaj, milov’o

English Translation – Sing to me, sing falcons

Sing to me, sing falcons
sing to me, sing, sing, falcons

Like you sang last night
like you used to sing last night

Under my dear one’s window
under my dear, dear one’s window

My darling fell asleep
my dear, dear, one fell asleep

A cold stone under her head
cold stone, stone under her head

I removed the stone
I removed the stone from beneath her head

I put my hand beneath her head
There I put my hand

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